Knitting Workshop


Ancient and timeless, the knitting technique is a cultural relic that we wish to keep alive in all communities. The energy that connects us when we knit in groups enhances our personal meditative state, joining us with its silent, magical threads. All we KNIT is LOVE! And a wool yarn, or two...

If you'd like to join us, please select your prefered time and date above, add it to the cart and check out (payments will be made directly at L'atelier). Booking in advance is required. A minimum of four people is needed to maintain the schedule. If you already made a reservation but you can’t come, you can cancel directly with at least one day of anticipation so other people can enjoy the space. Let's take care of each other, respecting the safety guidelines. In compliance with the current regulations, the use of masks is mandatory.


Supplies: Wool, needles, scissors.


Your Creation: You will take home what you knit during the class.


Skills Covered: You will learn how to knit and do a personal project.


Language: ENG/SP/RUS


Price: 25 


Level: From beginners


To Who: Min 7 years old


When: Saturday 11:00


Duration:  1,5 hours


Teacher: Paulina


Where: At l'atelier n°74 or Nomad (On quotation)


Spots:  6 people

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