I’m Lorena and I’m 33 years old. I’m from Barcelona but I’m living on the island from 2008. 

My work is about technical design so I do the technical files for production, make some samples that we wish to create or correct prototypes of clothing and accessories. But this a job that is developing so maybe I’ll do different things in the future.  

This project is a big challenge for me. In the personal aspect I want to learn how to manage my time and all the things that I have to do, also to give my best in productivity doing always a good and passionate job. My wish in the company is to create/be part of a team that works together and support each other with an assertive communication. To create a safe place where we always talk each other with respect, no ego and being aware of the capacities that the other one has supporting them to be best with themselves every day.

Based in Ibiza, Spain


Phone: +34 660 239 451