Natural Lip Balm


Kiss Kiss, petrol free merci!

Learn how to take care of your lips in the most natural way and create your own lip balm totally customized to your liking, with ingredients of natural origin, without preservatives or artificial colors. Cocoa butter, Shea, honey, sweet almond oil, ... Discover the properties of the ingredients so you can choose the perfect combination for you.

We will also make a lip scrub for softer kisses.

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Booking in advance is required. 
If you already made a reservation but you can’t come, you can cancel directly with at least one day of anticipation so other people can enjoy the space. 
Let's take care of each other, respecting the safety guidelines. In compliance with the current regulations, the use of masks is mandatory.

Supplies: Ingredients, aprons, tools


Your Creation: You will take home your personalized lip balm, lip scrub and a electronic ebook with the formulation info, so you can create more.


Skills Covered: You will learn the tips and secrets for lips care on a natural way, and how to formulate two products: crup and lip balm

Language: ENG/SP


Price: 45


Level: From beginners


To Who: Min 12 years old.


When: Thursday 30th September at 6 pm


Duration: 2,5 h


Teacher: Silvia


Where: At l'atelier n°74 or Nomad on demand


Spots:  12 people

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