Painting Installation


Would you like to add some colour to your life? We invite you to have fun discovering your own style and explore the technique freely in our permanent installation. We provide all the materials needed to feel like a pro: easel, canvas, apron, palette, paintbrushes and colours. It’s time to let your imagination and your hand flow...


If you'd like to get in action, there´s no need to book for this activity, just ask the crew at L'atelier nº74 and we'll prepare the space for you. 
Let's take care of each other, respecting the safety guidelines. In compliance with the current regulations, the use of masks is required. 


Supplies: Easel, canvas, apron, palette, paintbrushes and colours.


Your Creation: You will take home a unique canvas painted by you.


Skills Covered: You will experiment with colours, line and trace.


Language: No needed


Price: 10 


Level: All


To Who: All


When: Painting is always available at L´Atelier


Duration:  Free


Teacher: No teacher


Where: At l'atelier n°74 or Nomad (On quotation)


Spots:  15 people

Value card: get the best deal to assist to our workshops by getting a value card. They are valued in 250€ and cost only 200€, and they are valid for all the workshops.